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Cuba - Canta Y Baila
Fabrizi, Mimmo
Since the primaeval age, Dance and Song have been the most human expressions of art to the extent of the possibilities and limits of our body. Thanks to dancing, symbolically speaking, through steps, gestures and postures, we become swift wind, stormy waters, zigzagging ray, ghostly swans or carnivorous flower. We dance our utopias and frustrations, our dreams, fears and sacrifices. There is not one Cuban, male or female, alien to dancing - we dance as we walk, as we weep for our dead, as we go courting and in the ultimate ritual. We dance to the rhythm of the Universe. We are dancing corpuscles, star dust. We reveal our 'deepest' identities, both singular and collective as we dance. Just like life itself, dancing renews itself perpetually: every time has its own dance and every dance has its own time...
Second hand Hardback

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