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Father and Child Reunion: How to bring the dads we need to the children we love
Father and Child Reunion: How to bring the dads we need to the children we love
Farrell, Warren
The author of Why Men Are the Way They Are demolishes conventional wisdom about the nature of fatherhood and shows how the courts, media, and government create subtle, immensely powerful undercurrents that separate men from their children. Anyone who cares about the nature of fatherhood today, anyone interested in the legal and emotional issues that divide fathers from children, anyone viewing fatherhood from the perspective of a journalist, social worker, or lawmaker, and any single, married, or divorced parent needs to read this thoughtful and engaging book.Dr. Warren Farrell argues--with surprising and convincing evidence drawn from court cases, law-enforcement records, national statistics, and therapeutic case studies--that the judicial system, media, and government often make dads "the enemy." Fathers enjoy no parenting rights within the legal system and even in other, less typically confrontational arenas--such as the public education system--a wide range of unreported forces divide fathers from their children.For all its explosive conclusions, Father and Child Reunion ultimately calls for a rejoining of families and of children with parents who can care for them. Dr. Farrell has written what may be the most significant book on a vital issue facing men, parents, and families today
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