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5-8 November

The Best of Cadbury's Chocolate Cooking - 100 Tempting Recipes
Farrow, Joanna
Simply Cadbury's Chocolate is a collection of 100 recipes using chocolate. The recipes use modern ingredients like creme fraiche and mascarpone to create unusual, irresistable and up-to-the-minute biscuits, muffins, puddings, cookies, gateux and torte. The range of choice has something for everyone and the recipes are easy to make, so you don't have to be an experienced cook to achieve fantastic results. The rich colour, unique texture, tempting aroma and delicious flavour of chocolate make it one of the most popular flavourings in the world. Simply Cadbury's Chocolate has over 100 different ways to enjoy this melt-in-the-mouth flavour with recipes for every occasion....
Second hand Paperback

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