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Gone Girl - There are Two Sides to Every Story
Gone Girl - There are Two Sides to Every Story
Flynn, Gillian
Can you ever truly know someone...? Gone Girl is the story of a previously affluent young couple who through circumstances have had to move back to a small town in Missouri. The book opens on the beautiful summer day of Amy and Nick's five year anniversary. But from the very first moments, even on the very first page, it becomes clear that something sinister lurks in the shadows of this union. So when Amy disappears, vanishes in fact, the hunt is on in. The police immediately suspect Nick. Amy's friends reveal she was pregnant, and that Nick had been furious, which he swears isn't true. And then a police examination of his computer shows strange searches that he also insists weren't his: death by smothering, heavily wooded areas nearby, where to find arsenic. Nick's view of events is very different - clearly disaffected with his marriage, his job and the way his life has turned out, he swears innocence and even does some investigating himself.Just who can you trust? And what really did happen to Nick's beautiful wife? Did Nick have anything to do with Amy's disappearance or was it one of her many admirers? And what was left in that half-wrapped box left so casually on their marital bed?
Second hand Paperback
9780753827666 or 9781780228228

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