Silver Linings - On netball, surviving cancer and celebrating life
Silver Linings - On netball, surviving cancer and celebrating life
Foster, Margaret
Margaret Foster is one of New Zealand's best-known netball coaches and one of the game's most insightful analysts. She has also just completed a course of chemotherapy for her second round of cancer. Making a Difference tells the story of Margaret's fight to survive cancer. Beginning with her first diagnosis of breast cancer in 2006, through to her joy at being given the all clear and then the later news that the cancer had spread to her ovaries, it describes, in an often painful but also humorous way, the realities of life as a cancer patient. Her account contains a strong self-help angle, where Margaret uses her skills learned as a professional coach to encourage other cancer sufferers, giving them hope, faith and a sense of purpose. She believes that people will be better able to cope if they know what they are in for. Each chapter finishes with a lesson she's learned along the way. She also covers the netball stories: detailing the highs and lows of both her playing and coaching careers, analysing her own coaches and letting us in on a few behind the scenes secrets.
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