Cromwell - Our Chief of Men
Cromwell - Our Chief of Men
Fraser, Antonia
No Englishman has made more impact on the history of his nation than Oliver Cromwell; few have been so persistently maligned in the folklore of history. The aim of his biography is the recreation of his life and character, freed from the distortion of myth and Royalist propaganda. Cromwell was a man of contradictions and surprising charm. The ruthless Psalm-singing General of the battlefields was also a country gentleman who, after his victory at Worcester, paused to hawk in the fields nearby; the stern Puritan was also the most doting of fathers; the most decisive and ruthless of commanders was also the passionate connoisseur of music; the strong man of England was prey to exhausting bouts of irresolution and as Lord Protector kept England on tenterhooks for a week while he wrestled with his conscience whether to accept the Crown... Under Cromwell's rule English prestige abroad rose to a level unequalled since Elizabeth I. Yet, as Fraser's judicious assessment shows, his campaignin Ireland has cast a shadow ovre his reputation and aroused much subsequent obloquy... This major biography displays great insights into this complex man and reveals a totally unexpected Cromwell far removed from the traditional stereotype...
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