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Potato Favourites
Potato Favourites
Gofton, Allyson
In the middle of winter there's nothing quite like cracking the crusty skin of a well-baked Agria potato and scooping out the steaming golden centre (glistening with a knob of real butter!). Or in summer - that first tangy bite into a new potato; preferably a Jersey Bennie, nestled next to a fresh garden salad and a well-cooked snarler from the BBQ. Potatoes are the stuff food memories are made of - they are comforting, filling and they're crammed full of goodness to boot. On their own, or as a delicious side dish, spuds are a staple for many of us, providing nourishment and nutrients in one go. There are literally hundreds of varieties and just as many ways to cook them and include them in a meal. New varieties pop up in our grocers every year and a myriad of new potato products in the supermarket make sure that the humble spud continues to tickle our tastebuds. This book is a celebration of the potato - long may our love affair continue!
Second hand Paperback