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Pioneer Doctor - The Story of a Woman's Work
Grana, Mari

When Mollie Babcock stepped off the train in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1890, she knew she had to start a new life. She'd left her husband and their medical practice in Iowa, and with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket and a great deal of pride, she set out to find a new position as a physician. Due largely to the fact that the mine owner's young wife was expecting their first child, she took a job as doctor to the miners at Bannack, Montana, and thus began her epic adventures in the Rocky Mountain West. The true story of a medicine woman who found opportunity in the wide-open spaces of America's frontier west, A Woman's Work: The Life of a Pioneer Physician, is not just a beautifully written and thoroughly researched story of a fascinating woman's life, it is also the story of an era in women's history when the daring ventured forth and changed history for the rest of us....

Second hand Trade Paperback