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Highway of Legends - On the Road with the Kings and Queens of Country Music
Highway of Legends - On the Road with the Kings and Queens of Country Music
Haworth, Dianne

Gray Bartlett, musical entrepreneur has spent his life in the entertainment industry. A hugely successful Country Music guitarist who has played the Grand Old Opry, he's known and worked with all the stars on the local scene since the late 60s. In 2005 he put together the Highway of legends Tour as a swansong for his old mates - and it went on to become the most successful music tour in NZ history, with sell out performances throughout the country. So popular he's organised another for 2006 - and Di Haworth, who toured with them in 2005 has used this to write a popular history of NZ country and western music legends Patsy Riggir, Brendan Duggan, Jodie Vaughan, Martin Crump, Kimball Briscoe Junior, Gray Bartlett and the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band from the 60s to the present day. A nostalgic and intimate look at their respective careers and their role in the Legends tour. In the book Patsy Riggir shares the story of her wrenching nervous breakdown and Colleen Bain her anguish over the murder of her brother Robin and his family at the hands of her nephew David, while Martyn Crump talks candidly about life as one of Barry Crump's abandoned sons.Even if you're not a country fan, the book is a fascinating insight into life on the road.

Second hand Paperback