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Mrs Simpson - Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor
Mrs Simpson - Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor
Higham, Charles
An explosive biography, substantially updated with fascinating new material about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor The romance of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor has been called the greatest love story of the twentieth century. However with the first edition of this biography in 1988, highly acclaimed author Charles Higham used explosive secret intelligence files to reveal a far darker side to their forty-year relationship. Now the author has re-visited and updated his international bestseller, resulting in a fascinating, and at times shocking expose of Wallis Simpson and our own royal family. New and disturbing revelations have come to light, adding to the now classic story of an illegitimate child from Baltimore who rose to become the mistress of the king of England and brought about his abdication. Although Wallis gained control of the Monarch through sexual techniques learned in China, she risked losing everything through a reckless, long-term affair with William Bullitt, US Ambassador to France. Fascinating revelations include newly released FBI files that demonstrate as no other source has done, the extent of the Duchess's espionage activities and how she conspired against Britain in the interest of Hitler. This is an intimate and extraordinary account of the woman who very nearly became the Queen of England....
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