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Edwins Magic - The Memoirs and Mysteries of Edwin the Magician - Volume One and Two
Hooper, K. Edwin and Pule, Vanni (illustrator)
Volume One begins with anecdotes and whimsical tales that will have you chuckling as you weave your way with him through an eventful boyhood, to become a soldier, then a Punch and Judy Professor, finally commencing the creation of what was to become the World's largest business selling tricks to magicians - The Supreme Magic Company. Volume Two continues the story. Starting in the 1960s and already an established music dealer, this tells how seized opportunities, luck and hard graft turned a big business into an even more successful one. Because of the very nature of his specialised trade, Edwin's path was not an easy one, and along the way you'll meet and enjoy many 'tales out of school' as he has encounters with Tommy Cooper, Bob Harbin, Jeff Atkins, Paul Daniels, Bill Larsen, and many more...
Second hand Hardback