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The Music in my Head
Hudson, Mark

The world turns, and as it does, the movement of musical cross-currents interacting and enmeshing across its surface grows faster and denser by the day. Only one man can make sense of it all: Andrew 'Litch' Litchfield. Sometime record producer, loose-cannon A&R man, epic ligger and hype artist, he's UP THERE and OUT THERE - combing the musical trailways, powered by the rhythms of the music in his head. Now he's jetting into N'Galam, the tropics' most stylishly dodgy musical capital, for a conference with Sajar Jopp, Afica's most glamourous musician - a man whose legendary status is at least in part a product of Litch's frenetic myth-making. But soon he's way out of his depth among the most voracious taxi drivers, the most ruthless hustlers and the most arrogantly beautiful women on earth. Far from finding a bolt-hole from the bad debt, banality and emotional squalor of his life in England, Litch finds himself drawn ever deeper, not only into Africa's most terrifying and other-worldly realities, but into the labyrinth of his own memories and manias. The Music in my Head is funny, scary and pulsing with energy.

Note - Cover may vary & fading to spine

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