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The Fighting Sudanese
The Fighting Sudanese
Jackson, H.C.
Macmillan & Co 1954 This book is in three parts, each of which emphasises the courage of the Sudanese and their loyalty to the British; but most of it is devoted to an account of the amazing exploits of the Sudanese in WW2 - a war in which the neighbouring Egyptians took no part even though the country over which they had long wished to rule was threatened by the armies of Mussolini massed on the frontiers of the Sudan in Abyssinia and Eritrea. The Fighting Sudanese has put on permanent record an account of the days when the Sudanese were proud to fight side by side with the British as attested to by General Platt, who led the British, Indian and Sudanese troops to victory in Abyssinia and Eritra and who has written the Foreword...
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