The Truth Will Out - Unmasking the Real Shakespeare
James, Brenda and Rubinstein, William D.
As part of a routine research project, Brenda James applied a 16th century code-breaking technique to a small passage of Shakespeare's writing. What she discovered will stun the literary world. She discovered the true identity of the man who wrote Shakespeare's works. The question of who actually wrote Shakespeare's plays has been the subject of furious discussion amongst scholars for over 150 years. Everything known about the facts of William Shakespeare's life seems incompatible with the extraordinary genius of his plays and poems. How could a man who left school at 13 and apparently never left England have authored complex poetry or so enigmatically describe Renaissance Venice? Many alternative candidates have been put forward - Francis Bacon, the Earl of Oxford, Elizabeth I - but none have stood up to serious scrutiny. Until now. James's code-breaking revealed the name of a prominent Elizabethan courtier embedded in the text. Intrigued, she wanted to find out more. In a county public records office, she came across a notebook containing clear stage directions and annotations for a Shakespearean play, which would not be staged until 2 years later. As the investigation continued, the evidence mounted. Her finished work reveals that the owner of the notebook - related to William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and Henry VIII - is in fact the true author of all of Shakespeare's works. The Truth Will Out: Unmasking the Real Shakespeare will change everything we know about the greatest figure in English literature....
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