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We're All Equally Human
Jones, Susan

Meet Charity; young, lesbian, Christian, in a happy relationship with Katy and disturbed by her church' s attitude to LGBTQI people after taking part in its national conference. Through regular conversations in the local cafe with her supportive minister, Charity shares her experiences, and gains new insights and confidence about her identity and role in her local church. She learns that interpretations and translations of so-called anti-homosexual key Bible texts are recent, wrong and don' t cover loving committed adult same sex relationships. Importantly, after studying research on how people adopt new ideas with her minister, Charity learns that people can change their mind and their attitudes, but that this happens at different paces for different people. This non-fiction novel also includes:* a glossary of terms associated with LGBTQI topics* a liturgy - Recapturing the Flame* a list of rainbow resources for LGBTQI people and their families* four reflections preached by the author* a ' coming out' poem, and* a Baby Thanksgiving and Naming. You' re invited to join Charity on her journey of discovery.

Second hand Paperback