In Print - An Inspirational Guide to Using Print in Your Home
In Print - An Inspirational Guide to Using Print in Your Home
Kidston, Cath
Now firmly established as one of Britain's leading and most loved designers, Cath Kidston's pioneering approach to interior design has earned her international acclaim. Taking her primary inspiration from vintage printed fabrics, her designs evoke a nostalgia that touches anyone who sees it - for childhood, for cosiness, for cheerful, happy, innocent fun. Her trademark prints re-work these classic pieces to give them a fresh, contemporary appeal so that they sit perfectly within a room without overpowering the space. In this book, Cath tells you how to use prints in your home in every way imaginable. Every spread in this fabulous, practical style book will feature a different vintage print with ideas as to how they can be used: a retro sixties spaceman print is used to upholster a trad desk chair, little polka dot cushions update a child's bedroom, and frilly gingham curtains are teamed with a delicate floral pelmet. At the other end of the scale, layers of different prints envelop you in the living room and bedroom with loose covers, cushions, pillows, quilts and wallpaper. Rather than detailed step-by-step instructions, every page is packed with hints and tips to show the reader how to create their own unique look....
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