Sanctuary - The Discovery of Wonder
Sanctuary - The Discovery of Wonder
Leibrich, Julie
Sanctuary is an engaging and moving book full of spiritual insight, wisdom and warmth. It is the result of a decade of exploration and contemplation of the concept of sanctuary by Julie Leibrich, a poet and writer, formerly a research psychologist and Mental Health Commissioner. Sanctuary is written in a way that happily combines reason and imagination, poetry and critical thinking, knowledge and originality, producing a highly readable and rewarding book. Sanctuary cuts across genres: at once a spiritual memoir; a collection of personal journal entries and brief discourses; and a window into the views of influential writers, thinkers and poets, and of the author’s friends and acquaintances. Julie Leibrich’s life journey has led her to discover through ‘wondering, wandering and wonderment’ the elements of the world and self that are most sacred.
Second hand Paperback

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