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Abduction - Human Encounters with Aliens
Mack, John E.

Foxing on pages and sun damage.

Eye-opening, provocative, and above all authoritative... Abduction is unlike any book on UFOs ever written. After investigating more than 80 cases of alien abduction and conducting thousands of hours of interviews, Dr. Mack is convinced that these men, women and children are not making up their stories, but reporting authentic experiences. Writing with the authority and insight that have been the hallmarks of his distinguished career as a psychiatrist and author, he details thirteen case histories of alien encounters, illustrating his conclusion that these experiences are in no way attributable to mental illness. The stories come from individuals with diverse backgrounds, and no apparent similiarities that would explain their involvement in this mysterious phenomenon. And yet come remarkably consistent tales of encounters with small grey beings with huge dark eyes who transport their immobilised subjects to spacecraft where they are probed in a battery of tests that appear to relate to a sexual and reproductive enterprise with far-reaching implications for humanity...

Second hand Paperback