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The Veteran Years of New Zealand Motoring
The Veteran Years of New Zealand Motoring
MacLean, Pam & Joyce, Brian
This book illustrates, in word and photograph, the history of New Zealand motoring 1898-1919, and it is packed with factual information, great stories long since due for revival, and scores of photographs unseen for 50 to 70 years and more. The cars themselves are facinating, particularly the several models designed and built in New Zealand, but the book's scope goes far further than this. Roading, licensing, automobile associations and clubs, racing and reliability trials, the social side, technical development, pioneering new routes - all these and more are discussed and illustrated in a wealth of romantic detail. Authors Pam MacLean and Brian Joyce have most thoroughly researched their subject and the result, in phrase and picture, is indispensable reference for every admirer of the veterans and their romantic past. - from the inside cover. Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed Ltd., 1971. Very good secondhand condition.
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