Let's Scrapbook: Ideas and Inspiration for the Kiwi Scrapbooker
Marshall-Tideman, Julie
Scrapbooking is the fun and creative way to preserve your precious memories and Let's Scrapbook is the first book on scrapbooking written from a New Zealand perspective. Scrapbooking is huge and its popularity has taken off in New Zealand. Scrapbooking is the decorative art of preserving photographs and memorabilia for future generations. It's about telling stories using photos, making sure memories aren't lost and keeping the past alive. Let's Scrapbook is a 'start to finish' guide to scrapbooking in New Zealand and is useful for the novice scrapbooker as well as the expert. The book includes information on materials, taking photographs, shopping on a budget, tips and techniques and getting the kids into scrapbooking. The rise in the popularity of this craft is evident in the increased numbers of specialist scrapbooking shops being opened and the fact that in September 2004 the second annual scrapbooking and creative expo is being held in Hamilton. It runs for three days and hosts tutors and speakers from the USA, Europe and New Zealand.
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