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The Painted Years
The Painted Years
McIntyre, Peter
Published by A.H. & A.W. Reed, 1962. First Edition. Good secondhand condition. Intact dust-jacket. Repaired edges. May have tape marks or previous owner's name inside. In 1941, while the English-speaking world was still stunned by the fall of Crete, a series of paintings was reproduced in the New Zealand press and in the Illustrated London News that portrayed the historic battle in dramatic reality. The paintings were the work of the New Zealand Official War Artist, Captain Peter McIntyre, but lately appointed to that position by General Freyberg. All of the illustrations in The Painted Years were made especially for the book. They add drama to a stroy that is already exciting, interest to a life that has never been dull. The book records in words and pictures the life of a man born to unusual talents and opportunities, and speaks for those of his generation who grew up in the shadow of one war, who fought and survived another, and who, despite the disillusion of their times, found satisfaction in the final realities of homeland, work and family...
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