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Out of the Inferno
Out of the Inferno
Meurant, Ross

Terrorists block the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
Rule of Police replaces Rule of Law.
Corrupt politicians sink to the occasion.

Three men who grew up in the same little country town find themselves at the heart of a national crisis. One a gang member. One a cop. One an MP.

In New Zealand, one degree of separation is an overstatement. When good things happen, everyone takes the credit. When things go wrong, nobody takes the blame.

Former police detective & inspector, National Party MP, entrepreneur adventurer, and now writer, Ross Meurant?s latest novel ?Out of the Inferno? draws on a world of experience at the heart of international trade, diplomacy, policing and politics to weave a tale about the treachery that?s brought ?God?s Own Country? to its knees.

Trade Paperback

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