Harry M Miller - Confessions of a No-So-Secret Agent
Harry M Miller - Confessions of a No-So-Secret Agent
Miller, Harry M with Holder, Peter
Published by Hachette Australia, in Australia and New Zealand, 2009, 360 pages. As a young man, Harry M Miller set out to become one of the world's youngest showbiz impresarios. He left NZ for Australia in the late sixties and set about making his mark. He went on to become one of the Australian media and entertainment industry's most influential men and over forty years later the people he has worked with makes a very impressive roll call...Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Sammy Davis Junior, Chubby Checker, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, the Rolling Stones, John Farnham, Marcia Hines, Graham Kennedy, Barry Humphries, Alan Jones, Lindy Chamberlain, Stuart Diver and Maggie Tabberer among them. Harry M Miller has plenty of stories to tell about high-profile people and the A, B and C lists in-between. His memoir, Confessions of a 'Not-So-Secret Agent', is full of witty and entertaining anecdotes from Harry's extraordinary life.
Second hand Hardback