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The Air War - World War II Chronicles
The Air War - World War II Chronicles
Nalty, Bernard C.
World War II was the defining conflict of the twentieth century. This illustrated series, written and edited by esteemed military historians, takes readers back in history to the years between 1939 and 1945, when land, sea, and sky were filled with the sounds of battle as Axis and Allied forces fought on every front. Covering both the details and significance of the events of the war, this series includes numerous illustrations, maps, and photographs. An insightful introduction to each volume by series editor Roger Cirillo places each aspect of the war in context. World War II was the first conflict in which air power played a defining part - one as significant as that of ground troops. In this enlightening look at the air war of World War II, Bernard C. Nalty examines how the new bombers and fighters of the Allied and Axis powers influenced events...
Second hand Hardback