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Swings and Roundabouts - Poems on Parenthood
Swings and Roundabouts - Poems on Parenthood
Neale, Emma (Edited by)
Eighty of the finest poems on parenthood brought together in an endearing, intelligent and accessible anthology by editor Emma Neale. Attractively packaged to be of gift-book quality, this anthology is beautifully illustrated with outstanding photographs of babies and young children. Editor Emma Neale's approach is to bring together around 90 wonderful poems, both by New Zealand and international poets, which are accessible but also strong and important. Beautifully packaged, this volume features stunning photographs by well-known photographer Mark Smith. The Southern Ocean Review had this to say: "Any book of parenthood is going to be welcome anywhere and this one certainly should be. Edited by Emma Neale, and with welcome photos by Mark Smith, this is a carefully presented volume of poems that will certainly be of great interest. I particularly like the work of Ruth Arnison and Joanna Paul, showing a side of them not many would know. Poems of a subject seem to draw out the best of some pretty well known poets familiar to us in different subject matter. Peter Bland's poems are mature and interesting - a sure hand here. And the photos are nothing short of brilliant.I am grateful for the biographical material too, to show who's who etc. Quite often in anthologies like this, it is left out. One has many memories of youth and this brings it all out for me. In 'Birdlings' the late Ruth Pettis shows some very deft technique which should be a lesson to all aspiring poets. I cannot find a single dud poem in all of these and thoroughly recommend this book for everyone to read."
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