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Waiohine - A River and Its People
Waiohine - A River and Its People
Oxenham, Stephen
Published by Stephen Oxenham, Carterton, Wairarapa, 1993, 124 pages. A many-sided account of Wairarapa's most unpredictable and unruly rivers - from pre-European times, through the waterlogged misery of nineteenth century Greytown, the great floods of 1955 and 1990, to the present phases of the battle to control a river some say is capable of catastrophic destruction. 'Waiohine' tells the stories of those who've spent thier lives by the river, experienced its danger, and fought to conserve a river of spectacular recreational potential. Interwoven with historical detail is the humour and stoicism of people still living who know the river in all its states and moods.
Second hand Paperback