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Miracle in the Andes - 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home
Miracle in the Andes - 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home
Parrado, Nando
On 12 October 1972, the members of a top Uruguayan rugby team were flying over the Andes on the way to a tournament. Their plane crashed into a mountain and was stranded 11,000 feet up on an inhospitable glacier. Many died instantly in the crash, but others survived with almost no food or suitable equipment, having to turn to cannibalism to survive. After 72 days, they were eventually rescued when Nando Parrado and one of his team-mates climbed out of the Andes and found help for them all. Parrado's unique viewpoint brings a new perspective to this remarkable story. He was inspired by his love of his father, wanting to tell him how his sister and mother (who had flown with him) had died and to reunite himself with his family. He knew he should have died walking to find help, but he decided that that was how he wanted to go. As he says, 'When you have taken the decision on how you're going to die, all other decisions in your life are easy by comparison.'...
Second hand Trade Paperback