Man and Time - A Personal Essay Exploring the Eternal Riddle: The Theories, the Philosophy, the Scientific Discoveries and the Everyday
Priestley, J.B.
This book marks the culmination of Priestley's lifelong interest in a riddle that has for centuries plagued great thinkers and ordinary men alike - the riddle of Time. Here he has cast this major work into the form of a personal essay, covering the broad concept of TIme, and our experience of time, including much more than the kind of time measured by clocks. The conventional belief that clock time or 'passing time' is the only time thetre is - and that our lives are wholly contained within it - is, Priestley suggests, responsible for many of the ills of the modern age. His conclusions reveal the major importance to us all of an awareness of the real relationship between Time and the life of man...
Second hand Paperback