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Gods of the Stones - Travels in the Middle East
Riordan, Peter
Gods of the Stones retraces the steps of famed English travel writer H.V. Morton who undertook a series of journeys in the 1930s to the great religions and historical sites of the Middle East. Morton's focus was the beginnings of Christianity, but he also observed the daily lives and traditions of the people he met along the way. The three books that emerged from these travels cemented his reputation as one of the greats of his genre and are still in print today. In 2009 New Zealand travel writer Peter Riordan set off in the footsteps of Morton using Morton's books as travel guides - a journey that took him through Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. Also tracing the remnants of Christianity, Peter explores the religious, cultural and political pressures shaping the region today and finds that while much has changed (and is still changing today), much endures fundamentally unchanged....
Second hand Paperback

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