Thanks to everyone who saw our note that we are buying again.
The response has been huge.
So huge that we need to slow down in order to get all the books
we have bought over the last 2 weeks on the shelf for you to buy.

We are still buying but selectively.
So, please call if you have more than 3 boxes.
Some sections are overflowing, particularly children’s, detective and cooking.

On a similar note if you are looking for
Children's books, detective novels or cook books, we have heaps of new stock.

Facing the Shadow
Facing the Shadow
Ritchie, Isa Pearl
From the outside, Awa seems like a normal teen, struggling with anxiety over school and friendships. However, secretly, she holds a rare power. She is a Dreamweaver, one who walks between worlds: that of waking life and the Dreamrealm. Now, she’s finally managed to master some of her powers and alchemise the shadow fragments that were plaguing the beautiful Dreamrealm, but she knows there’s so much more that has to be done in order to face the terrifying Shadow. Awa loves exploring the Dreamrealm. She develops the power to visit her school friends in their dreams, even though they don't know she's a Dreamweaver. That backfires when her best friend Ella is kidnapped in a dream, causing her to come down with a mysterious illness in her waking life. Awa must do everything she can to save Ella... but she has no idea what! And to make matters worse, Veila, her friend and guide, has gone missing. Awa knows she must act quickly because Ella and Veila's lives are at stake, and she's going to need all the help she can get, even if that means recruiting her other friends to help! "A series to get kids hooked" - The Sapling
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