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Journey Through the Black Forest
Journey Through the Black Forest
Schulte-Kellinghaus, Martin & Spiegelhalter, Erich& Meisen, Annette
Dark woods, fertile meadows, gushing streams, and romantic gorges represent the diverse scenery of Germany's Black Forest in this travel companion. The region is illustrated as a place where ancient traditions have been carefully preserved on lonely farmsteads, in traditional costumes, and during the traditional Alemannic carnival. The absolutely unique countryside is explored along with the area's many health resorts as well as culinary specialties such as Black Forest gateau, cured ham, and the excellent wines of the Markgrafler Land and the Ortenau. Following this mystical landscape as it travels from Pforzheim in the north to Basle in Switzerland in the south, this handbook covers vast areas of dense forest interspersed with rare highland moors, the highest summit in Germany's low mountain ranges--the Feldberg--and the capital city of Freiburg, the southernmost city in the country with its magnificent minster, picturesque narrow streets, and mild climate. Additional features comment on traditional crafts and the characteristic chalet farm.
Second hand Hardback

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