Our next book club meeting is on Monday 9 August.  Our theme for this month is music.

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Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem
Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem
Severin, Tim

In 1987, Tim Severin and his companion travelled on horseback from Belgium to Jerusalem, retracing the route of 11th century Crusader knights. This book combines travel, adventure, exploration and medieval history, as the author disproves historical theories which have been held for 900 years. His journey took him through a wide range of climates and terrain, from Germany, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to the Anatolian Plains, Lebanon, the occupied territories and Jerusalem. Tim Severin is the author of "The Brendan Voyage", "The Sinbad Voyage", "The Jason Voyage" and "The Ulysses Voyage: Sea Search for the Odyssey". He has been awarded the Founder's Medal of the Royal Geographic Society.

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