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Live from Mongolia - From Wall Street Banker to Mongolian News Anchor
Live from Mongolia - From Wall Street Banker to Mongolian News Anchor
Sexton, Patricia
In 2006, author Patricia Sexton set out on a journey most of us have only ever fantasized about. She quit her job to pursue her dream. Thirty years old and a rising star at a Wall Street investment bank, Patricia wanted nothing more than to work as a foreign correspondent. So, that's just what she did, moving to Mongolia after landing an internship at the country's national TV station. "Live from Mongolia!" follows Patricia's unlikely journey from Wall Street to Ulan Bator. And it doesn't stop there. Not only does Patricia manage to get promoted to anchor of the Mongolian news, she also begins to meet some very unusual people following very unusual dreams of their own. There's the Mongolian hip-hop star who worked in London restaurants to make his dream come true, the Italian textile executive who left everything behind to pursue his passion for mozzarella cheese, the German brewmaster plying his trade so lovingly that there were always tears in his eyes. And many more. While Patricia chronicles her own journey from what she'd been told to pursue in life, to what she actually wanted to pursue, she meets and chronicles the stories of others on much the same path. And all this while Patricia is learning the ropes of reporting the news for the first time, camping with nomads in the Gobi desert, traveling to Siberia to meet a shaman, and even crashing Genghis Khan's 800th anniversary party. But of course a journey like this isn't without its stumbles, and Patricia has her fair share of them, including briefly returning to Wall Street - even after meeting with the president of CNN. It isn't often that the Executive Producer of CBS Evening News gives out blurbs, but what Rick Kaplan had to say describes it best: "Leaving a good job on Wall Street for the unknown in Mongolia? I've never heard of a more ill-conceived plan. But although author Patricia Sexton achieved what she set out to do - change her life - hers is a journey that is by no means finished." "Live from Mongolia!" is the story of this ongoing journey - from a corporate career to a dream job, one that even Patricia hadn't imagined she would land. Please note, cover and edition may differ from that shown.
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