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Why Go To The Riviera - Images of Wellington
Why Go To The Riviera - Images of Wellington
Shaw, Peter
Godwit, 2003. Dustwrapper faded. This high-quality art book illustrates 100 paintings, prints and photographs by well-known and highly ranked New Zealand artists. The images have been chosen primarily because they provide a distinctive record of first-rate art works recording the landscape in Wellington city. The images will provide local readers with a shock of recognition and other readers with a valuable record of a place they have visited. Images range from early historic images to contemporary ones and include some more abstract treatments based on the landscape while not actually illustrating them. The historic images have been chosen for the way in which they cast light on much changed contemporary places. Accompanied by an introductory text of 2500 words, and each image is interestingly captioned in such a way as to draw attention to the significance of the image.
Second hand Hardback

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