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Ship in the Wilderness - Voyages of the MS "Lindblad Explorer" Through the Last Wild Places on Earth...
Snyder, Jim and Shackleton, Keith
For nearly 20 years this unique adventure ship, the MS Lindblad Explorer, has carried enthusiasts, artists and naturalists to the remotest part of the Earth, venturing further north and further south than any passenger ship before her, and visiting inaccessible landscapes with undisturbed wildlife colonies during her 1,500,000 miles of travels. Among her passengers for much of this time was explorer and painter Keith Shackleton - there are over 50 of his original water colours included - who brings to life the experiences of the Lindblad's pole-to-pole wanderings. And among her crew worked the young American photographer Jim Snyder, who provided over 150 breathtaking shots of wild animals, plants, birds and seascapes, published her for the first time. To all who treasure the planet the Lindblad Explorer has shown the way...
Second hand Hardback