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Murder by Manuscript
Murder by Manuscript
Spears, Steve J
All internationally renowned 'lady showbiz detective' Stella Pentangeli wants, is to solve a simple literary riddle: did William Shakespeare belong to a blood-thirsty 17th century cult which resurrected dead people? All enigmatic and brilliant Investigator Ng wants, is to find out why a relentless monster is using Shakespeare's personal recipe to make 'resurrection soup' out of 21st Century citizens. As the body count mounts, all the serial killer wants is to add Stella and Ng to the menu. Murder by Manuscript follows Murder at The Fortnight as the second volume of The Pentangeli Papers. Praise for Murder at The Fortnight: 'It doesn't come much trashier than this ...Spears' novel is a fast-paced, deliciously wicked parody of the world of showbiz. It has everything you could ever want from comic crime fiction - sex, drugs, laughs and a ridiculously high body count.' - Age Pick of the Week 'Spears storms the crime novel and makes it quiveringly, submissively, riotously his own.' - Bob Ellis
Second hand Paperback

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