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Gaia's New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia's Greening
Gaia's New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia's Greening
Spilsbury, Ariel
Gaia's New DreamCoat opens us to a story that unfolds simply by asking those wise shepherds of the Earth in the Devic and Faerie Realms, to assist us in learning how to transform Earth and ourselves. In the process, we will have to ask ourselves what will happen if we don't act in a timely way to support Gaia's greening. The Light Loom weaving that is being made by the various characters from the subtle realms must be complete and activated before Gaia can no longer sustain human life. Is there a more compelling discovery to be made right now on Earth? It's simply time to tune-up and listen to the amazing wisdom that each of these caretakers of the natural world holds! In that delightful exploration, we are awakened to the power we each hold to affect the outcome of the story that we are re-writing on Earth. Through the clues that the characters give in each exciting adventure into the Fae Realms, we are led to connecting the dots of the transformation that is emerging on the Light Loom of Earth. We see that each one of us is playing a lead role in this mythic reweaving of Gaia's story. We experience directly how reading/listening to these adventures, empowers us to feel and know more clearly what exactly our role in that transformation is!
Second hand Paperback