Send Yourself Roses - My Life, Loves and Leading Roles
Send Yourself Roses - My Life, Loves and Leading Roles
Turner, Kathleen
Kathleen Turner has always lived her life according to her own rules. The screen icon opens up about her own life--both personal and professional--the risks she's taken, and the lessons she's learned from her film and stage career, 20-year marriage (and recent separation), raising her daughter, and her successful struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. Turner recounts why she took the roles she did--from her film debut as the sultry schemer in Body Heat to her subsequent craft-stretching roles in 'Peggy Sue Got Married' (for which she received an Academy award nomination), 'Romancing the Stone', 'Prizzi's Honor', 'The War of the Roses', and 'Serial Mom'. And she discusses her recent resurgence on the stage with Tony nominations in her roles as Mrs. Robinson in 'The Graduate' and as Martha in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf', for which she also won the a British Evening Standard Award.
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