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The Old Man in the Bag - and other true stories of good intentions
The Old Man in the Bag - and other true stories of good intentions
Wells, Ted
This collection of true short stories (tied together with 80 old photographs and 12 original letters) is set in a very remote almost inaccessible part of Ethiopia back in the 1960s when Haile Selasie was still alive and in power. Partly for the adventure, but also just to escape being drafted into the Vietnam War, a young American couple volunteer to spend two years in a tiny village of grass huts helping several dozen very poor farmers establish a new town in the lowland jungle of the Rift Valley, on land recently given to them by the sometimes loved, sometimes loathed Emperor. The stories are not just about the couple's struggle with fire, disease and death in a totally unfamiliar environment, culture and language, however. They are also gentle stories about how life choices are never black and white and even selfless good intentions can sometime have a serious downside.This book is a "prequel" to Ted Wells' book: "Power, Chaos & Consensus".
Second hand Paperback