Unreliable Witness - Espionage Myths of the Second World War
Unreliable Witness - Espionage Myths of the Second World War
West, Nigel
Nigel West is widely acknowledged as having some of the best contacts in the intelligence community. In this controversial study of literary detective work, he has used these and other sources to pursue the truth behind more than a dozen wartime myths. Did Churchill condemn Coventry to mass destruction in order to protect his 'most secret source?' Did Roosevelt have advance warning that Pearl Harbour was to be the target of a surprise Japanese air attack? Was the Dieppe raid deliberately betrayed to enhance the reputation of a British double agent? Was the Soviet agent at the top of the German High Command supplying Moscow with plans of Hitler's offensives? Was the notorious spy Cicero really a German agent or part of an Allied plot to mislead the Axis. All these compelling questions are answered, with help from intelligence officers and their agents, who were themselves involved in the secret operations described, and recent declassified documents...
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