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The Summer Book 2 - A New Zealand Miscellany
The Summer Book 2 - A New Zealand Miscellany
Williams, Bridget & Parsons, Roy & Missen, Lindsay
The Port Nicholson Press, 1983. The Summer Book 2 is New Zealand's miscellany, a lively collection of prose and verse, photograph and painting, history and fiction. Contents Marti Friedlander – Portraits Colin James – Making Home Keith Sinclair – The Origin of the Species Vincent O'Sullivan – The Last of Freddie Ernst Plischke – About Houses Moira Long – Martha King, Botanical Artist Gail Lambert – A Family of Potters Anne Kirker – Art Upside Down Marilynn Webb – Recipe Prints E.H. McCormick – Apollo in Taihape Mary Mezies – A West Coast Holiday in the 1880s Joy Cowley – The Machinery of Dreams Owen Marshall – Bravo Echo Victor Sharon Crosbie – A Summer Lunch
Second hand Hardback