Backstage with Jeanette
Backstage with Jeanette
Wilson, Jeanette
Random House New Zealand, 2007. Good second-hand condition. Backstage with Jeanette isn't only about the messages that were too emotional to deliver in public, it's about what happens behind the scenes. It's about how she works with relatives of 'missing people' to bring closure and resolution, how she works with those facing death and it looks at how she continues to develop her abilities, pushing back the perceived barriers to spirit communication. It is not just loved ones who have died that talk with Jeanette . Jeanette also examines topics such as euthanasia, healing, suicide and forgiveness, offering her unique insights into these topics through her communications with the spirit world. Following the great success of Dare to Believe, this book will be warmly received by Jeanette's fan base and will be fascinating to others.
Second hand Paperback