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Auckland - A Pictorial History
Auckland - A Pictorial History
Wolfe, Richard
Random House New Zealand, 2002. AUCKLAND: A PICTORIAL HISTORY celebrates the colourful and diverse history of New Zealand's largest city. As the title suggests, this is a highly visual book with many of its historic photographs never having been published before. The story of Auckland is told from three different and interrelated angles: an historic overview of Auckland ; a section on the places, buildings and institutions that set Auckland apart from other New Zealand cities; and a section on a selection of Auckland's suburbs. This book will capture the unique qualities and character of Auckland, covering both the obvious and also the overlooked aspects. It will reflect the spirit and energy that have historically distinguished the development of Auckland, from its earliest humble attempts at settlement to the present sprawling and rapidly growing metropolis. Richard Wolfe is the author of 14 books, including four children's picture books. His books for adults all focus on social history and popular culture, and they include bestsellers such as KIWIANA, KIWIANA: THE SEQUEL, REMEMBER WHEN: OUR NEW ZEALAND 1900 TO 1999 and IN MY DAY: LOOKING AT NEW ZEALAND'S PAST. He is now a freelance writer, having previously been curator of display at Auckland Museum.
Second hand Paperback