Frozen in Time - An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II
Zuckoff, Mitchell
On November 5, 1942, a US cargo plane slammed into the Greenland ice cap. Days later, a B-17 on the search-and-rescue mission became lost in a storm and also crashed. All nine men on the B-17 survived. The US military launched a second daring rescue mission, but the Frumman Duck amphibious plane sent to find the men flew into a severe storm and vanished. This is the account of these harrowing disasters and the fate of the survivors and their would-be saviours. Zuckoff places us at the centre of a group of valient men fighting to stay alive through 148 days of a brutal Arctic winter until an expedition headed by Artic explorer Bernt Balchen attempts to bring them to safety. Zuckoff also recounts his present-day expedition with the US Coast Guard and North South Polar, a company led by an indefatigable dreamer who worked for years to solve the mystery of the Duck's last flight and recover the remains of its crew. Drawing on intensive research and a firsthand account of the dramatic 2012 expedition, Frozen in Time is a breathtaking blend of mystery, adventure, heroism, and survival. It is also a tribute to the important, perilous and often overlooked work of the US Coast Guard...
Second hand Trade Paperback