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Arty Bees is now operating under Orange restrictions.

You can order via our website.  All web orders are delivered via courier and NZ Post. 

Store pick ups can be ordered online or organised by phone and email.

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The Sword of the Lady
Stirling, S. M.
Best Served Cold
Abercrombie, Joe
Blood Noir (Anita Blake 16)
Hamilton, Laurell K
The Deed of Paksenarrion
Moon, Elizabeth
Courageous (The Lost Fleet 3)
Campbell, Jack
Much Fall of Blood
Lackey, Mercedes
In the Stormy Red Sky
Drake, David
Dragon Keeper
Hobb, Robin
The Bone People
Hulme, Keri
The Name of the Wind - KingKiller 1
Rothfuss, Patrick
1824 The Arkansas War
Flint, Eric
The Last Hero
Pratchett, Terry
Newton's Sleep (Faction Paradox)
O'Mahony, Daniel
Pratchett, Terry
Of the City of the Saved (Faction Paradox)
Purser-Hallard, Phillip
Warring States (Faction Paradox)
Halliday, Mags L
Forest Mage
Hobb, Robin
Survivals and other Stories
O'Sullivan, Vincent
Voice of the Gods
Canavan, Trudi
The Great Romance: A Rediscovered Utopian Adventure
Anon (aka The Inhabitant )