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Across the Rhine - World War Two series
Davis, Franklin M. and Time Life editors
Return to the Philippines - World War Two series
Steinberg, Rafael and Time Life editors
The Second Front - World War Two series
Botting, Douglas and Time Life editors
Partisans and Guerrillas - World War Two series
Bailey, Ronald H. and Time Life editors
Russia Besieged - World War Two series
Bethell, Nicholas William and Time Life editors
The Battle of the Atlantic - World War Two series
Pitt, Barrie and Time Life editors
The Rising Sun - World War Two series
Zich, Arthur and Time Life editors
Blitzkrieg - World War Two series
Wernick, Robert and Time Life editors
Prelude to War - World War Two series
Elson, Robert T. and Time Life editors
The Dam Busters
Brickhill, Paul
1940 - The World in Flames
Collier, Richard
English Historical Documents
Prescott, Andrew
Ancestral Castles of Scotland
Cantlie, Hiugh and Lloyd, Sampson (photography)
History of World War I
Taylor, A J P (Editor)
Surviving Galeras
Williams, Stanley