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New Zealand

Jones, Susan
Baxter, James K. (Edited by J.E. Weir)
Torckler, Gillian
Ashton-Warner, Slyvia
Maclean, Chris
Ashton-Warner, Slyvia
Ashton-Warner, Slyvia
Campbell, Meg
Freeman, Margaret and Hollins, Rosemary (Eds)
McIntyre, Peter
Hardingham, John
Freegard, Janis
Le Clerc, Julie and Cato-Symonds, Shaun (photography)
Stead, C K
Beckford, Nigel and Fitzsimons, Michael and Lunnon, Jess and MacKechnie, Sandi
Weston, Tom and Braithwaite, Joanna (artist)