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Folk Song in England
Lloyd, A.L.
Gods and Myths of Ancient Egypt
Armour, Robert A.
Fall Or, Dodge In Hell
Stephenson, Neal
The Oxford Shakespeare - Macbeth
Shakespeare, William
Unreliable Memoirs
James, Clive
Penguin Bloom - The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family
Bloom, Cameron and Greive, Bradley Trevor
Concise Atlas of the World
Oxford Hammond
Absinthe - The Exquisite Elixir
Wittels, Betina J and Breaux, T A
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
Wilde, Oscar and Holland, Vyvyan (introduction)
Deep Space - New Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope
Goodwin, Simon and Gribbin, John
Earthcam : Watching the World from Orbit
Hope, Terry with NASA