Leibniz - Past Masters
Ross, George MacDonald
I am a Strange Loop
Hofstadter, Douglas
Surfaces and Essences - Analogy as the Fuel and Fire of Thinking
Hofstadter, Douglas and Sander, Emmanuel
The Modern Mystic - A New Collection of the Early Writings of Alan Watts
Watts, Alan and Snelling, John with Watts, Mark (editors)
Philosophical Writings - Everyman edition
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm and Parkinson, G.H.R. (editor)
Eve's Bite
Wishart, Ian
The Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Great Liberation by Hearing in the Intermediate States - First Complete Translation
Padmasambhava and Lingpa, Terton Karma and Dorje, Gyurme (translator) and Coleman, Graham and Jinpa, Thupten (editors)
Three Questions We Never Stop Asking
Kellogg, Michael
Portable Atheist
Hitchens, Christopher