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History - Exploration

The Voyages of Columbus - The Great Discovery
Taviani, Paolo Emilio
Travels of Leo of Razmital
Letts, M. (Editor)
Great Explorers
Owen, Roderic
Travels in Asia Minor 1764-1765
Chandler, Richard and Clay, Edith (editor) and Pars, William (Illustrator)
James Cook – The Voyages
Frame, William with Walker, Laura
The Worlds of Christopher Columbus
Phillips, William D. & Carla Rahn
The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea with some Extracts from Agatharkhides 'On the Erythraean Sea'
Unknown and Huntingford, G.W.B. and Beckingham, C.F. (translators and editors) and Hakluyt Society
The English New England Voyages 1602 - 1608
Quinn, David B. & Alison M.
The Last Voyage of Drake and Hawkins
Andrews, Kenneth R.
The Travel Journal of Antonio De Beatis
Hale, J. R. & Lindon, J. M. A.
An Elizabethan in 1852
Donno, Elizabeth Story


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